Team Project - 2021
in collaboration with Electrolux

Eluxir was about designing a new drinking experience for a brand with a strong scandinavian heritage.

Targeting the customers of multigenerational homes we settled to adress an issue found across all generations: hydration. How might we help to infuse water in a healthy and natural way?

Eluxir fulfills the rising demand for sugar free, naturally flavored water and delivers a holistic and healthy drinking experience.
The device instantly infuses cold water with natural taste using ultrasound technology. Ultrasound has been used by cocktail artists or the food industry to extract flavors from herbs and fruits. Making use of this, our concept Eluxir is designed to be the healthy way of keeping a family home hydrated through naturally flavored drinks.


With a timeframe of roughly three weeks, communicating ideas effectively and refining the concept quickly was key. We used rough prototypes and hand sketches to move on quickly in our process. 

As part of the course "video sketching" was encouraged to pitch ideas as fast as possible.

To deepen model making skills and capture the process as a team we decided to take it further and build a final mock up from PU - foam.